Bespoke Music Mastering To Help Your Mixes Sound Awesome. 

Feel confident when you release your music. Delight your audience. Sell more music.

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What You'll Get

Masters That Enhance Your Mixes

Feel Confident That Your Music Sounds The Best It Can

Delight Your Audience. Sell More Music

You Need Great Sounding Masters That Enhance Your Mixes and Connect With Your Audience

But that's easier said than done...

  • You're trying to master your own music but you've lost perspective
  • You've got a friend who'll do it for free. It sounds like... "free"
  • You're worried your mix won't hold-up next to other commercial releases
  • You want to give your music the best opportunity to connect with your audience
  • LUFS, True Peak, ISRC, Gracenote Database - there's information overload
  • What you've tried so far isn't working

Mike Thorne will work with you to create great sounding masters that enhance the emotional impact of your mixes and connect with your audience

You'll be confident your music sounds and feels the best it can.

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Free Guide - How To Prepare Your Mixes For Mastering 

In this FREE guide I'll teach you:

  • How much headroom to leave in your mixes (and when to use compression on your mix bus).
  • Why you should be aware of sibilance and what the problem frequencies are.
  • What the best sample rate and bit depth are to export your mixes for mastering.
  • How you should label your files to avoid mistakes.

These tips will save you time and help you get the most from your mastering session.


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What People Are Saying

Matt Berry

Acid Jazz Recording Artist

"Mike's got fantastic ears - he masters all my stuff."

Greg Fitzgerald

Kylie, Madonna, Jessica Simpson, Sophie Ellis Baxter

"Rimshot studios is such a relaxed and nice space to be. Mike adds to that with his easy-going pleasant personality. I was really impressed with the mastering job Mike did for me, and how accommodating he was. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rimshot studios to anyone! Even got fresh baked bread made by Mike’s wife which was damn good :-)"

Andy Lewis

Paul Weller, André Heller, Fay Hallam, Magnus Carlson

“The combination of the technical facilities at Rimshot Studios and the creative and musical faculties of Mike Thorne have made it my favourite place for mastering in the world. Mike’s enthusiasm and knowledge of many different musical styles and recording techniques make him the perfect final link in the creative chain of record-making.”

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3 Steps To Successfully Releasing Your Music

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This allows me to offer you the best price possible, based on your project's needs, deadline and my current schedule.

Get a great sounding master of your song

Feel confident about releasing your music, knowing it will sound like you intended when played on different playback systems and streaming platforms.

Grow Your Audience. Sell More Music

A great sounding (and feeling) song will help you grow your audience and sell more music.

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Why Should You Get Your Songs Mastered By Mike?

Think of your favourite songs. What do they all have in common? They all evoke a feeling and make a strong emotional connection with you.

When you hire me to master your music, I bring a final stage of clarity to your song that makes it easier for your listeners to connect with YOUR music.

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